Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lovely weekend...........

Some weekends just turn out right......On Friday I treated myself to some very beautiful items from Katies blogg 'Home Keeping Hearts' for Valentines day. Katie produces the most divine ideas from paper, a medium I don't often work in, so I find it wonderful to be able to treat myself to something different, and beautiful. I also really like to buy handmade, or homemade, I have come to the decision that I would rather have less commercial items, and more handmade items, or vintage and recycled items.
I would imagine I am a bit late jumping on the bandwagon with this, and many of you already have this philosophy, so I'm sorry if you have heard it all before, but thats the way I am heading. Plus to be honest I don't have lots of spare cash, so it feels nice to support other artists with the little I have.

Well the weekend does get even better. On Saturday I was out running under heavy grey skies , and just as I was coming home......I spied a skip (always promising) and look what was being chucked into it!!....Screeching to a halt, I saw this rail of victorian coat hooks sticking out of the top.....I was so thrilled,..... the builder of course was also thrilled, because this mad! red faced sweaty woman was emptying his skip. He did try to get me to take an old bike and a garden gate...but I declined kindly and ran off with my booty.
As I am decorating my work room, (I have decided on French Grey this time)I thought the rail would come in just perfectly. I thought it would be just fine and dandy for hanging all my fabric and embroidery samples off, so I am very pleased. I did also extracted a nice old photo frame from the skip, so I have used that, for one of my Valentine's Day, print /embroiderys, that I have just finished. I embroidered the little heart in darning stitch, hope you like it...

I hope you have all had a super weekend too, doing just what you like.


Anonymous said...

Lynn~ I recently discovered your blog and truly enjoy it!!! Your art is beautiful! Do you sell your work? Thanks for sharing your days. ~Amanda

Sea Angels said...

Hello Amanda
How nice of you to leave a comment. Thankyou very much for your lovely words, and in answer to your querie, I don't normally sell my work, but I am open to swops anytime....
Hope you have a great week too
Hugs Lynn xx

Moncha Eilís said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it !!!! What a great find in that skip, you must be so happy.
Have a great new week !!

Regina said...

HI Lynn
Wonderful work,I love your heart.
Hugs,Regina xxx

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Lynn sounds like a wonderful weekend, the skip treasures sound like the icing on the cake! I haven't found anything good in a skip for years. Years ago we use to find all kinds of wonders, fireplaces, cupboards etc, not any more.

Ragged Roses said...

Sorry forgot to say, the only heart I can see is on the fireplace and it's beautiful!

Henna said...

Hi sweet Lynn! Aren´t you a lucky one! Finding such lovely coat hooks! The birdie and the hearts..just lovely!
My hubby says I have the sleeping gift..ha ha..I easily fall asleep at nights, after the car..the first vacation together to Finland, we or honestly..he drove for 15 hours or so..and I fell asleep and hour after we started the journey, just to wake up for a break and then continueing the sleeping session for many many miles..this was my first trip up to north and I don´t remeber much of it, I wonder why?!
Nowadays I try to be better company ;-)
This recycling thing is more fun than bying stuff that´s got pricetags from outer space..I love old things, handmade ones and so on...and when finding items for little money and to give it a personal touch or just admireing it in the way it is..give ssuch pleasure. Soon dear friend I will show what´s happened to the picnicbasket from last still need´s a little bit of work..:-)
I wish you a good nights sleep and have a wonderful week!

Hugs Anne

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Lynn! I would have slammed on the brakes too!! They are just wonderful. Don't you just love finding good stuff? xxoo, Dawn

Marja Kristiina said...

What a sweet posting once again! I, too, am discovering the true pleasure of backing away from all things commercial.

I'm so happy you had such a nice weekened! And what a super find once again. Miss Dorothy, you're on a roll ;-)

Solange said...

Hello there, I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. finding all those nice things, it's not always the case, so if you do ,you enjoy it even more ;-)
your work is really beautiful, very charming.

have a good week!


Donna said...

What a fun project!!! You're always SO busy! Hope you're finding some "rest"time to have fun!!! hughug

Donna said...

PS- You've been tagged!!LOL Come by my place!!

Miia said...

I never seem to find anything like that, but I am really happy that you did! Your weekend sounds very nice. Keep on the good "work"!

Henna said...

Thank you sooo much for your words! *BIG SMILE* ...since I at the moment don´t have anything special to do..I am taking it slow and easy before going to work.
it´s nice for a change, but at the same time it feels like I´m wasting my time..We are going through troublesome times at my work nowadays, last week 23 workers got the word that they are doing their last day in about 3 months from now. Yesterday the management told us that 35 more has to go..I think I´m quite safe yet..I´m not worrying barely at all, if I did I would probably get gastric ulcer or something like that.
Well enough of that..:-)
Hopefully you are enjoying this moment to the fullest and that the inspiration is flowing..

Have the best of days!

Hugs Anne

Miss Maddie's said...

Not only do you support artists(what did you buy from Katie's goodies?)but you're also saving the Earth by recycling!Bravo!!