Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I've been tagged......

My camera is having fits.....huh! so I have had to dig this tag picture up from the depths of my computer. They are some tags made from old blanket.
Donna at 'Made in Heaven' has tagged me,(I will get my own back He He!!) to tell 5 MORE things about myself....so here goes....
When I was a little girl, I was obsessed by wanting to be a nun...and spent many, many, months with an old white hand towel draped over my head and pinned under my chin.
This same little girl packed herself a few clothes and ran away from home....I was only 3 years old, can you believe!!
I have read every book Enid Blyton has ever written, I just loved her and love her still.
I cannot drive, I am very dangerous, I should come with a warning....truly.
I believe that as long as we love and remember the family and friends that have died, and think of them and talk to them...they will be with us forever.
Now ha! I shall be thinking of some victims who can also disclose some secrets...you will be contacted shortly...be prepared.
Lynn xx


Vanilla dreams and humblebees said...

I have linked you to my blogg... and I hope it´s ok with you!?

Hugs and kisses from Sweden!


Lee W. said...

love your five things! I lso love the previoous posts about the good things you saved!

Donna said...

LOVED IT!!! Thanks SO much for playing along!! And the Nun thing?? I TO wanted to be a Nun!! Was raised Catholic and in the parochial schools most of my young life, which meant walking to church EVERY day...before classes started..This was fun reading Sweetheart!!!

Marja Kristiina said...

The nun thing cracked me up so badly! There's absolutely nothing wrong with being devoted to a cause but I mean, REALLY... You're just too cute!

Oh, and no worries or rush about the camera. We'll be here.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, wonderful to find out more about you Lynn. Love the photo of the tags and I'm with you on Enid Blyton

Donna said...

PS- Lynn, I left the Gumbo recipe for you in the comment section of my Gumbo Day post! Have fun with it!

Vanilla dreams and humblebees said...

Lovely tags! I realy enjoy your blogg!

Today I have baked for my little girls birthdayparty... I have not baked for a very long time so it was really funny and... odd.. I nearly burn the kitchen... :/

But I saved the baked sweets! :)
Show you tomorrow on my blogg...

Take care!

Hugs from Jenny

Vanilla dreams and humblebees said...

Yes, that is magic!!! :) Tell here she can stay!

Godnight godnight!
Sweet dreams...


Henna said...

Your mum must have had many moments of laughter when you were a child :-)..I think too...that remembering and thinking of loved ones who has past away are with us in thoughts and doings..and I believe that life is not ending when the heart stops beating..

Happy thursday!

Hugs Anne

Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

Fun to read about you and learn some more! hugs, Mia

Moderncountry said...

Hi Lynn, I loved your last words of wisdom!! Touching :))

My little footprints said...

hihi, becoming a nun? How did you got that idea from? Maby you always have loved the movie "Sound of music"! I do ;) I always had, and I wanted to see it over and over again when i was a child! But i did`nt want to become a nun, I wanted to become a singing-star! So my mum had to hear my singing all day long. It is nice for a child to have some dreams! It was nice to read this things about you. Today i have deside that i am going to the fle-marked, AGAIN! hehe, you must think i dont do other things than jump into my car and drive to the flea-marked ;) But i love it. Today i am also going to look for a plate in silver for my sister! I hope you have a lovely evening!
Lot of hugs from Beth