Thursday, 24 January 2008

Gifts from Norway......

Oh just look at what was waiting for me when I got home weary and tired today.......

I had recently admired a vintage monogramme book of Beths...on one of her lovely posts on'My Little Footprints' that Beth had bought from a Fleamarket...... and then Beth so very generously photocopied both books and sent the pages together with this gorgeous parcel of Norwegian goodies to me!!. Not only that !! look she has embroidered my name beautifully :-) by hand, on my lovely hand made card. Where do you find the time Beth..... its stunning, thankyou

I am soooo thrilled I just want to start using them asap, I can't wait... thank you for all your wonderful inspiration Beth.xx

We are all so lucky having each other as blog friends.
There is always a smiling message to read, or a funny email from a dear sweet friend xx,
or a beautiful post to see, or some kind words to help to lift our spirit's in the bad times.
I count myself very very lucky to have started my blogg, because you all give me so much of your time, and you are to me, and each other, an absolute joy.....worldwide.
THANKYOU dear friends xx


Donna said...

What Sweet things to say! Your blog is such fun!! Gotta get my "fix" every day! lolol Stay Happy today!!

Gigibird said...

I'm sure you were happy and fulfilled before you discovered blogging but I'm glad it had brought another dimension to your life.
Finding other people on your wavelength is always a wonderful thing:)

Miss Maddie's said...

Thinking of you across the sea...
And I see you've have new things to keep you busy!
Receiving goodies in the post are one of the fun things in life would you not agree?

JuliaRose said...

Thank you too!!!
You are an inspiration to me, to look at my work and myself more kindly...

I have been heartened that others have the same need to express themselves through their art whichever way they do it, and that others are actually out there feeling the same way I do..

It gives me much enjoyment and comfort each day to read all the Fab Bloggs..


Marja Kristiina said...

I, too, feel utterly blessed to have found such a dear friend through blogging. Thank you for being there, Lynn! If it wasn't for you, I'd never gotten started with my fitness program, for example. You're always there for support, encouragement and inspiration (or just a few good laughs!) and your kindness and generosity will never cease to warm my heart!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Lynn,
What a very lovely post and such pretty gifts too.
I am so glad to have discovered you.
Enjoy your weekend.
Sandi x

My little footprints said...

Dear Lynn!
So nice of you to make a post of my gifts to you ;) I think its so wondefull that you like my gifts! Have you taste the lovely Nowegian chocolate? Mmmm ;) I wrote in my post yesterday, the same as you did. The blogging have given me so much joy and inspiration! I love to pleasure other people, when other people is happy, i am happy too! It was nice that the pressent come on a day who had been long, maby your day become better? I think its so nice to have your friendship Lynn ;)
I hope you and your family wil have a lovely weekend!
Take care ;)
Hugs from Beth xx

Ragged Roses said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Norway. Blogging continues to surprise me every day, the warmth and kindness of people is wonderful. I love your red shoes in the post below, my daughter has a pair of red shoes that I've had my eye on (fortunately she's outgrown them but very reluctant to hand them on to me!). Anyway have fun in them and I think you should click those heels three times!

Lee W. said...

I love getting packages! What a nice gesture!

Henna said...

Good morning Lynn! I see you have got some lovely presents :-)
I wish you a wonderful weekend dear! We are going to Gothenburg and look what Ikea has to offer :-P
It´s raining heavily and the wind is quite strong too..but I really need the "fresh air" in maybe doing some bargains ;-)

Until next time...

Lots of hugs! Anne

Hannis said...


I also love those old monograms!!!

And as Juliarose already said, I would like to say it again: "You are an inspiration to me"! This blogging is just so much fun, full of new inspirations and lovely people - as YOU definitely are!

Have a lot of sunshine :-)


P.S: I have done some Valentines day cards! I'll soon put the pictures of those in the blog of mine.

Naturegirl said...

Blogging is a wonderful place to meet and make new friendships with caring sharing understanding creative
folks. How blessed we are to be part of a loving Community!hugs NG

EVA AGNES said...

Lucky you!
That was absolutely wonderful of Beth.
I love monnogrammes and broderie but can't see it very well now adays.
Love and hugs
Eva Agnes

Vanilla dreams and humblebees said...

Thank you so mutch! I´m so glad you visit me so I found you and your wonderful blog!

Your works and filts are heavenly beautyful!

Hugs from Jenny!

Regina said...

Hello Lynn
Wonderful gift.I deseired I have had so one beautiful book with so many submittals embroidery.I'm look so one
book already,until now with out success.What loveley words to say!!
hugs,Regina xxx