Monday, 21 January 2008

Anyone for Kansas.......

Oh this has been an awful week and weekend, weather wise lots of rain.....ugh.
So out we went, heading North, why not it may turn into snow if we go far enough (say's she hopefully!) Well we packed the car with a nice hot picnic. Chunky veggie soup, lots of chocolate type goodies, and warm snuggle blankets, and me wearing my new beret and sparkly cardigan (under a rather chunky coat I might add) we headed of to hunt Flea markets...........

........Look what I found, I am so thrilled a pair of 1950's wedge satin dancing shoes, and they fit me perfectly.... they have never been worn, and their lovely soles are leather and shiny clean.

I have always wanted a pair of red shoes.....I dreamed of them as a little girl, and now I have them. On Valentines day I shall use the same colour red nail polish on my toes, pop on my shoes and dance with my beloved husband, all night. Remembering however to be very careful and not tap my heels together three times......heaven knows where we might end up Ha Ha....

I hope you all have a super week , thanks for dropping by, hugs Lynn xx


The Devil Makes Work said...

Oh blimey - How much do I want those shoes, they are GORGEOUS! By the way Lynn, email me your email address (!) to woo(at)wgdesigns(dot)co(dot)uk and I can then send you a private link to Sweden pics :-)

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Lynn,
What a find those shoes are, they are gorgeous,even better they are wearable too!! Hasn't the weather been awful, but red shoes can't help but cheer a girl up.
Take care,
Sandi x

Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

So lovely shoes, nice that you finally found them! hugs, Mia

Donna said...

Love the new header! Red shoes are Really pretty. Oh, Go 'em 3 Never know!!
Have fun today!

Henna said...

You lucky girl! Those pretty!
It´s good you arrived home safely. The weather sure is troublesome this time of year. We have a pelletheater in our living room and it is the only heating source in use except for the room in the addict and the bathroom where we have the radiotors on. We bought the heater a year ago and since then our electricity bills have reduced to half of the normal costs at winter. We have a tile stove we can use when the electricity is out and the stove in the kitchen is useful too. We are able to heat up the water in the sauna as long we have water.

I hope you are feeling well,peaceful days to you my friend!

Hugs Anne

Regina said...

Hi Lynn
Wonderful shoes,they are absolutley
Have a nice evening,
hugs Regina xx

Marja Kristiina said...

Well, Dorothy, that was a super find!!! I'm a little envious actually, could do with a pair of vintage goodies myself ;-)

Huggeridoo, dear friend!

Sherry said...

Lynn! Your "first" pair of red shoes?!? I adore red shoes and have so many pair -- they will make your feet feel whimsical -- you will want to dance and you will walk like you are on air!! They make my feet happy!! You will look divine on Valentine's Day -- the shoes are gorgeous!!!!

I love your new banner by the way!!

My little footprints said...

Hello Lynn!
How are you and how is you day? Today i am sewing some letters, i am using the monograms! I am going to make a card ;) Today its winter outside, its snowing, i was hoping it would`nt come a lot of snow! I want spring ;) But this weekend was lovely! With 14 degrees above zero, the sun was shining and it was a blue nice sky! It was so lovely! I got the feeling of spring! I do not think it will be a long cold winter this year, but we never know ;)
So you got to the flea-marked this weekend? So nice, founding this lovely red shoes!! Red is a lovely warm colour! When i see a couple of red sparkling shoes, i always think of Dorothy from Oz, you know that fairy -tale ;) clap- clap, maby they are magic hehe.. that would be nice! ;)
I hope you soon get something in your postbox from me!
I wish you all the best for this week Lynn! Take care!
Hugs from your friend in
Norway- Beth

Gigibird said...

Red shoes - every girl should have at least one pair.
Despite loving January this overcast wet weather is getting rather tiresome.

Sanctuary said...

How gorgeous! There's just something about red shoes!

Henna said...

Such a beautiful banner :-) Stopping by to say hi Lynn!
This morning we had -8 celcius, but as we now are getting used to ( ?? ) the climat changes rapidly..and it is raining again.
We´ve been satisfied with the pellet fire, it was the best solution for demands a bit work, vacuuming the ashes a couple of times in a week, filling the container every 16kg pellettbag lasts about 24 hours, depending on how cold it is outside..the thermostat regulates the heat in the house and the stove turns off and on ..for example if the temperature drops down to 18.and it requires a storageplace for the pellet, we have ours in the woodshed. It is
full of feeling to have a fireplace in the house and it is one of the favourite spots to the cats as they love the warm air flowing from it:-)
I checked out a fleamarket today and came home with more goodies ;-)
I hope your day has turned out to be an enjoyable one and the inspiration is all around you!

hugs to a dear friend!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Lynn
What an evocative post of yours... I could picture and almost catch the scent of your picnic and warm snuggle blankets.
I love red shoes too.. yours are gorgeous and look as though they were just waiting for this Dorothy to come along and try them on!
Dance the night away and make sweet romance!


Moderncountry said...

Haha, that sounds great!! I mean, take a dance with your husband, showing of those pretty red shoes. I feel your happiness all the way to Netherland. Dance a little bit for me as well girl!!

Hug from Aina ;)