Sunday, 23 September 2007

Autumn Equinox a time of reflection.....

I like to mark these special times with friends and family,
to seek out the energy and wisdom in the grasses and trees of our beautiful countryside and parks, to gather together in a magical place and celebrate the changing of the season. We collect acorns to put in the corner of our homes to protect against fire, and make corn dollys from the left over stalks at the edges of the fields to honour the Goddess. Hot tomato soup and cornbread, with lots of chocolate cake, and home made beer for feasting.

In Celtic times they now turned to face the dark with hope, their food stores full and their animals fattened, they gave praise to the Goddess as she left to go down to join the God in the Underword, the only reminder of her, hung in the night sky, was the Moon. So as the sunlight fades, nature rests and renews, we too should slow down, we may find ourselves a little depressed or low, this will pass as we change pace with the coming of the autumn season and her natural balances.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Vintage Treasures

I want so much to recommend this wonderful book by Jane Cassini and Ann Brownfield, it is so inspirational and was tucked in my Christmas stocking last year, I just can't stop dipping into it.

Do you have any fab books that you could recommend, it would be nice to look at your choices too. xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Indian summer.....

I thought a few days ago that the Autumn had begun it's soft grasp on the land, and that it was time to clear the fireplace of it's summer bits ready for the cool evenings, and frosty mornings... but no it's hotter than summer!! can you believe. So..... it's tea outside for us tonight, with a glass of real perry, from 'Middle Farm' in Firle Sussex and a cinnamon apple crumble to top it all off, scrummy.... have a nice evening my friends xxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Paintings evoke dreams....

When I was just starting university, Chloe was just graduating She is a lovely person and her art is so stunning. I was and always have been inspired by her work, so I thought you may also like to see a little.

Monday, 10 September 2007


My first day back at work.............come home tired....... SUPRISE....... look what I found on my door step, I am truly thrilled, a million thankyou's I have never owned such a beautiful needle case, in the most divine shade of green, thanks to both of you Stella and Lynn at you can have Liberty fabric any time you like (big smile) no seriously you didn't need to send me anything, but I am so thrilled you did...Kisses xxx Lynn xx

Thursday, 6 September 2007

oh everything is falling apart.....but I love it

I just love nice stuff thats falling apart, it's as if I know it has a limited life so I just enjoy it, I love the history, and the fragility of these somtimes humble pieces, of lost grandeur and time that has past...........

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sticky fingers...........

Stop car boots.... I'm making jam.....I can't stop, it feels so comforting, and now my family are starting to worry as the piles of jars are getting bigger. They look like jewels on my store room shelf and I just want more... I'm making apple butter next, and quince jelly soon, have you got any favorite recipes you can pass on....please xxxx

Holidays are so uplifting.........

This is the most lovely shop I have had the pleasure to be in.... it is called Flint and is to be found in Lewes, there are two Flints, one sells clothes and this sells the most wonderful homewares. The colours in the shop reflect the Southdowns, softest chalks, french greys, silver twinkles, like light catching the turquoise waves. Modern yet vintage, shabby but chic, so peaceful and calm, yet vibrant, in corners were great buckets of coloured hydrangeas, and baskets of squashes and pumpkins, I am so inspired.
I have just come back from the most wonderful holiday with my family. We have travelled from Bath to Southampton and onto Lewis and Brighton. Whilst we were having fun and scooting around I have been looking for inspiration for my christmas presents, labels and cards and as you can see the wonderful churches that we have visited will provide it. I will print these images out onto fabric and make some really nice cushion's and herb pillows for the sofas and labels for my parcels...........scrummy