Sunday, 9 December 2007

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

I have made this out of vintage hemp and jute, it has been stuffed with soft hay, and scented with orange cinnamon, and spices. I added silver leaf and embroidery

Flowers from Christine

Making fairys....

I printed this vintage linen , gold leafed it, then added the paper mounts,
and crystal vintage dropper. I have stiched on glittery sequins and then I have stuffed this with soft hay, and it is scented with Francincense...of course!

Mixed media using print, paper, embroidery onto vintage linen and hemp. I have stuffed this cushion with soft hay and fragranced it with Myrrh, and Francincense. I have sewn on glittery sequins.

Hello my festive friends, as you are all so busy, I too find myself in the very same situation.
I have been making again.....this time somthing different, throw away cushions, they are printed vintage hemp, and polished jute decorated with prints, and papers, and Lime wash paints, all safe all compostable, and stuffed with meadow hay, that has been scented with christmas if ! and when you get fed up with them you can fling them on the compost heap. I actually thought they could look lovely rotting away with flowers growing up through them.
My divine flowers on the mantle shelf, are from my newish, very lovely sister in law, who has brightened our lives with her beauty, wit, and love for my brother. What more could a family ask for, thanks Christine xx
I hope all my dear friends and very welcome visitors, have the most wonderful week, I'm feeling better and I am going for a run. xxx


Marja Kristiina said...

Everything looks stunningly beautiful!!!

(And explains your sudden feeling of Christmas rush, hardy har ;-) )

You are immensely gifted, that's for sure.

Henna said...

Oh I´m blown away! Amazed by the artwork you have been doing!! So all looks perfect in a sensitive truly are gifted! Thank You for sharing!
Sauna is a bit of finnish culture and I believe Marja agrees with me :-) If you ever have the opportunity to try it...go ahead. I promise you, it will be a great experience. Especially if it Not an electrical sauna. Yes..I went to the fleamarket with my sister, I bought a chair she has been yearning for som time now, she´s having her birthday in a couple of days :-) and the tinbox with the cat, I just fell in love with it;-)
Some working hours ahead..and hopefully there is time for preparing some more for christmas.
I wish you strength, happiness and lots of inspiration!

Have lots of lovely moments!

Hugs from your friend...Anne

Katherines Dream said...

You are so clever, everything looks stunning. I have almost finished my Christmas decorations now......still tweek them here and there though!
Have a super week.
Carol xx

Ottilias Veranda said...

What beautiful things you make! It´s a true pleasure to come and see what You are up to!


Deb said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Donna said...

So Pretty in here!!!! Love all the things you've acomplished!!

Ragged Roses said...

Sooo beautiful! I love it all, everything looks enchanting, love your work

En Doft Av Danmark said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I would love to have your wonderful things, they are soo very, very speciell.


Sea Angels said...

Thankyou all so much for your wonderful comments,my dear friends. You always give me a real lift with your kind and encouraging words. I have been working really late so I am so sorry to not reply to you all but I will try to make up tommorow, Christmas is getting so close, I just cannot believe it......Hugs and Goodnightxx

Missile Command. said...

Beautiful cushions, Cant believe you would even consider them to be thrown away, they should be treasured forever. I see your narcissus are coming on well. xx
T. x

Lee W. said...

you're stuff is SO LOVELY- and scented too! And compostable! Love your blog!

Crystal said...

Hi, I found you on Donna's site, Made in Heaven. All the things you have made are very beautiful! How long does the scentings last? Orange cinnamon sounds wonderful to smell! Love your blog!

Kelly Fillion said...

Ahhh, so heavenly. Those are some of the nicest pillows I have seen!
I am sure they smell divine too.
Keep posting your blog is a delight to visit!

Sanctuary said...

Absolutely beautiful! But would be very, very sad to see those gorgeous cushions on a compost heap! (Even if beautiful :)).

My little footprints said...

Oh, its so much beautiful things here! I just love the things that you make! Wish you all the best with your work!
Hugs from Beth

EVA AGNES said...

Thank you Lynn fro your comment on my blog.
I like what you have done too. The cushion for instans stuffe with hay.
Beautiful too.
Hugs from Eva Agnes

Missile Command. said...

Just wanted to let you know that I got my book today, thank you for telling me about it. Hope you are enjoying your shopping day and are not too stressed from all the work yesterday. see you next week. Tx

Regina said...

Hello Lynn,
love the cushion ,you made.!!!!
Hugs Regina

A bird in the hand said...

And you, dear one, are adorable. You have such a beautiful touch!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Miss Maddie's said...

Look at all the pretties! The pillow is so inviting.You've done a wonderful job Lynn decorating your home for the Holiday season.Any snow yet for the icing on the cake? Susan

kristinco said...

C'est merveilleux ... je suis aux Anges !