Sunday, 16 December 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas.....

I was starting to feel like I was being spread too thinly, I guess that I am not the only one!!

So I have tried to put the brakes on things. This week we are going to a Carole Concert, where all will be dressed in 17ct costume and it is all in candlelight, we are sooo excited. I am going out for lunch with my collegues from work, that too is a nice break, and I did not shop at all this week-end, but we went walking, and I went running.

Why do women work themselves to exhaustion? Do we try to do too much, and in doing this make ourselves ill and grumpy for the people we are doing it for, thats not right is it?
Does anyone have any tips that can help us to relax in the middle of all these wonderful and exciting preparations, for Christmas?


The Feathered Nest said...

You are so right!! We want everything to be just perfect for the holidays and try to do WAY too much to make it that way.

We just need to realize that it's not all the stuff that we've done or made that makes things perfect and memorable, but our time, sitting and enjoying each other, that's what really matters. Great post! xxoo, Dawn

vitahemsara said...

Really nice blogg=) like it that you do everything white=)

have a nice day!

Henna said...

What a lovely picture! Really beautiful...and lots for the eye to rest on :-)
I´ve been thinking about that too..women stressing over christmas doing this and that...and on christmas eve the mother in the house is quite exhausted. Trying to convinve myself that this is what the kids want and needs? Truthfully...I think it is me who needs the christmasspirit and to see the happy faces of my beloved ones...Nowadays I do it because I want to do it and I have a hubby who helps me with lots of things:-)

I see you banner has shrinked too, such a pitty. Hope they will fix it soon.

It is all my pleasure Lynn! Sweets are to die for ;-)
We have one new familymember..a girliekitten, she´s about 4 months and just early christmasgift to the whole family!¨
Now we´ve got 4 furballs ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful week and lots of laughter!

Lots of hugs to a dear friend!

Katie said...

Oh, you know what I do? I put my "busy work" away and play with the kids - really play, not just pretend and think of all the things I "should" be doing, I really really play & then I feel rested! We make tents with blankets and furniture and play "Jack and the Beanstalk" and wear funny hats and squish playdough into a million different shapes. It helps me to remember the joy of the season through a child's eyes.

Kelly Fillion said...

Love your photo montage, beautiful. Hey welcome to the Hell-iday's as some people refer to them. Oh, sounds like you need to have a long hot bath with Lavendar Oil throw on some flannel pj's and make some herbal tea, St. John's Wort and Peppermint blend works well for me. I also use my Bach Flower Rescue Remedy faithfully around this time on myself and my daughter, she gets the Christmas Crazies too.

Annabelle said...

I'm in awe! You are one lovely talented lady and I only wish I could come close to a smidgen in what you create.....My Inspiration!

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful photos! I have no tips to offer I'm afraid. I'm always guilty of biting off more than I can chew! However, there is that lovely feeling at the end of it when Christmas finally arrives and you can enjoy the day with your family.

Gigibird said...

Do, delegate, defer or mantra for life is keep it simple.

Donna said...

Rx: Large Mocha Latte with whipped cream, lighted fireplace, lap blanket, George How'd HE get in there??? LOL

Sea Angels said...

Good Morning all, after the Carol Service last night, and your wonderful tips! I am most definately beginning to chill...
Just have three more days to go, then I am off for the holidays, Long Sigh aaaaaaahh
Lynn xx

Sanctuary said...

Stunning images, your blog is a true inspiration! I've just managed to write up my seven facts, thank you again for thinking of me :)

I've been battling with similar thoughts myself. This is the first year I've actually managed to get somewhat stressed over Christmas. Such a lot of things to attend, things to do, all of them nice and enjoyable in themselves, but too much in one go. But with the bulk of social stuff over I am now beginning to unwind... Take care.x

Jennifer said...

My mom used to work herself into an angry exhaustion to create a "perfect" Christmas -- by the time the day came she was tired, resentful, and prone to snapping. When I find myself getting stressed out over making things just right, just so, I remember how hard it was as a child to be around my mom when she was like that and that all I really wanted was for her to be happy. Our families wish this from us -- they don't care if the napkins match and are ironed or if the gifts have fancy bows or if the meal is a 5 course gourmet affair -- they just want us to be happy and to enjoy being with them. Let's toast to that, shall we!

Hannis said...

Hi Lynn!

Again so lovely pictures, I really love your blog :-)

I think the right tune and Christmas feeling comes easily with candels and Christmas music. Don't need so much more.

I used to make check-lists and to-do-lists. Those are helpful: just write down all you have to do and then do those things one by one.
Overline always the thing you have done. Soon you will notice, there is all done!! It's easy and simple way and it really works!

And all you said Jennifer is so right!

Love, Hannis

My little footprints said...

Yes, you have right! What can we do to relax? I try to do a bit every day. I do it with joy! But we have to say to ourself that we can take a brake. Nobody dies if we bake five sorts of cookies instead of seven. i try to take a good book, have some candles on and listen to the silents. you can ask my mum what she did, and she had 9 children! But we helped her, and i think that is importent. Dont do what somebody can help you with! i wish you all the best for the christmas! and relax! take a cookie, a glass of milk and smile. We do survive the christmas every year ;)
Hugs from Beth

En Doft Av Danmark said...

Wish you A Merry Christmas!


Sea Angels said...

Thankyou all very much for your comments, I am not so well, so I am going back to bed, but you have all cheered me up.
Love Lynn xxx

Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Lynn, Hope you're feeling better.The secret to sanity during the Holidays is simple; take everything you are committed to, expected to do and would like to do and throw it out the window!For every single obligation or requirement take equal time for yourself.Whether it is time for running, contemplating or enjoying others' company it is your holiday time.Enjoy it!
Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas

Henna said...

Good morning my friend! Hope you are feeling well?? Days filled with lots of groceries, a few more presents, cleaning up the house and so on..We´ve got no´s what I miss right now.
Well, anyhow...I wish your day will be a healthy one and with lots of christmasspirit!

Yule hugs / Anne

Mia said...

I just love your blog and enjoy the reading. If it's ok with you, I'll put a link to your blog in my linklist. Merry Christmas, hugs, Mia

Katherines Dream said...

I agree with a few lists - crossing things off is very therapeutic !
I do not bother with housework the week leading upto Christmas - to many piles and lists! hanging around!
Today is Big tidy day, washing day and tomorrow will be my damp dust and polish day and change the bed linen day, that more or less is it. Kitchens and bathrooms need a clean everyday any time year!
Christmas eve is bake mince pies and prepare the trifle and in the evening I put out all the little goodies in nice dishes and pots.
Christmas Day I relax while dinner cooks and enjoy the family and opening presents.
Well that is the plan I try and stick to!
Merry Christmas,
Hugs from Carol xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Lynn
Very thought provoking words of yours...
I am so guilty of getting stressed and crabby at times and I have to take a deep breath and think. .. what is this doing to the people around me.. chill out!
I like to go walking when life closes in on me.. it is the best de-stresser. Christmas is one day and yet we spend weeks of nervous energy preparing for it!
I hope you feel much much better soon.. and Enjoy your Christmas and New Year .. cool calm and collected!
with love

Henna said...

I wish You a Merry Christmas and may you days be filled with happines and laughter! :-)
Now it´s time for celebration, listening to christmas carrols and being with our loved ones..good food and lots of sweets.. Yule is here :-)

Hyvää Joulua Lynn!

Yule hugs / Anne

EVA AGNES said...

I don't know. The questions you ask are really something to think about. This year I said to myself to slow down, but on the contrary I,ve been doing more and been staying up too long in the evenings ( read nights).
Still I would like to say that every little detail on your collage is breathtakingnly beautiful.
Live well and have a wonderful Christmas
Hugs Eva Agnes

Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi Lynn,
christmas greetings from an exhausted woman! ....Yes WHY do we do this EVERY year!? I mean, It´s no secret that christmas comes this time every year!! I will promise myself better and earlier planning next year! with or without help from my husband! I´ll start baking in october and by next years gifts next week!! :)I really love christmas and when the whole house is clean and decorated and it smells heavenly from the beautiful christmas tree...guess I´m still a child deep inside!

cushla west said...

Your soft, muted watercolors of buttons, pleats and crumpled details are incredibly wonderful, as are your fabric creations and embroidery ... and, apparently everything else you do, as well. Thanks for sharing it all.