Sunday, 30 December 2007

Creative musings.....

Being a beautiful aspect of the feminine, somthing we should cherish.... and whether our creativity comes from being a mother, cooking a great cake, growing herbs and flowers, crafts, or writings, it is as essential to our lives as breathing.
But as you all know we need our space, and we need time, this is why I so love January. This is the month I surround myself with catalogues, this is my quiet time, to plan what I will grow this year, or make, new places I may visit......... there is less demand on my time for home duties, so after work, I cook tea, do the least housework I can, then ....... I muse, I make paper roses, and embroider cloths, I stay in bed on a Saturday morning till 10am sometimes, just day dreaming, I do not go shopping (I do the supermarket as food has to be bought) as I am frightened by crowds, and I truly don't need any more clothes just yet, so the sales do not excite me!!
This way I make a small space in my life to play, no it would not suit us all , but that is the wonderful beauty that is magical in all of us, it is that we are individuals, and I am glad of it, because you all brighten and add wonderful aspects of your creativity to my life, and that is fabulous, and I thank you for it. xx
Sweet Dreaming


Marja Kristiina said...

This is a wonderful posting, Lynn, and it gave me plenty to think. I've always dreaded January as it is by far one of the darkest, coldest, dreariest months up here. Christmas with its merriness is over and spring is four months away. No, January has never been a good month for me -- until perhaps now. You made me see it all very differently. Why fight the obvious, why not make the best of it? Following your example, it could very well become one of my favorite months, something that can be used solely for ME, my well being, my best laid plans. I believe that on Wednesday I, too, will open that catalogue from my local gardening store, sip some herbal tea and let my mind drift into happy thoughts. THANK YOU for the inspiration!

PS. Missing you an awful lot.

Kelly Fillion said...

Ahh, sounds perfect. I love January too a month of serenity. Your pictures are divine :0)

Henna said...

Wow! Such a beutiful peaceful, I love it! Now I understand why you love january so much...I´ve never thought it in that way..thank you for showing the way :-) Maybe it is the lack of light that makes the mind so blurry, the urge to sleep and rest is growing, the energyflow is at it´s lowest point? January is the month that changed my life in a positive way 3 yrs ago :-)
We´ve got no special plans for new years eve, just staying home celebrating it with our closest friends. My hubby is on snowduty this week(for the swedish airforce) If it starts to snow, he´s going to work. Do you have plans for new years eve?
M. is a bit allergic to the cats too, but he don´t care..he loves them too much. he just suffers from a runny nose time to time, especially now when the furs are thicker. There was a young boy from Scotland who came to visit us, he couldn´t step inside the house at all ´cause his allergy was so bad :-(
I´m babbeling..sorry ;-)
I´ve got some problems with my latest "project"..I will continue to struggle with it now.
Have a cozy evening my friend!

Saunafresh hugs to you!

Mia said...

Such lovely words! I do feel just like you, January is a wonderful time for new beginnings, plans and projects. I do not care for sales either, but prefer to enjoy quiet time for myself, dreaming and being creative... and looking forward to the lighter and brighter season to come.

I want to wish you a Wonderful New Year 2008. And thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. I truly appreciate it.

Moderncountry said...

Oh, I just Love your writing! You explane it so well, I do agree and I can relate. We all do need our own quiet time, a place in your home that is just for you. I don`t like crowds with people either, and I normally don`t visit shopping centre. They scares me very much..I prefer to do the shopping in the early mornings or just before closing time.
You do make me think about my own life, what do I do for myself, just for me...Thank you Lynn, for getting to know you an your little world this year. It has been a lovely surprice :)
I wish you and a great new year to come! Kiss from Aina

Donna said...

It's now time to say Happy New Year Sweetie! Hope all is well with you and yours!!

Deb said...

Such a beautiful, peaceful post! I love January too - it is a month filled with memories (birthdays & anniversarys)at our home. I like how you refer to it as a "month of dreams".
Happy New Year!

Solange said...

hello, what a wonderful blog and such a nice photo you just posted. It's very inspirational!
I read on my blog that you also got a dyptique candle, don't you just love them? they are the best!
Is it okay if I put your blog under my favourites?
I wish you a nice evening tonight!



Ragged Roses said...

Thank you for putting all that I feel into words for me. There are certain things I need to do, along with the daily chores I need to have new ideas in my head, new projects to mull over. At times like Christmas and New Year when my body tends to stagnate, my mind is brimming full of ideas (and my tummy is full of chocolate!)

Sanctuary said...

Wonderful musings! I have found January rather difficult, as Christmas is over and spring doesn't yet seem around the corner. This was such good food for thought and gave me a whole new light for not just getting through the month but thoroughly enjoying it, concentrating on the creative side! Thank you for sharing these thoughts!

Regina said...

Lynn,what a beautiful post.January is
also for me a beautiful month.The year has first began and one is still
fuller zest for action and has many
plans and projects for this coming year in the head.But one also has still very much time for dreaming,
read and handwork.January is but also
where it with every day again brighter get.Therefore I like the
January so.
Have a Happy New Year!!!
I wish for the year 2008 of good wishes before all health,luck and
Hugs Regina

Cowboys & Custard said...
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Cowboys & Custard said...

Your wise words are very much food for thought Lynn... I too feel that January is a good time for reflection ..
a time to cast aside the demons of the past year and embrace the angels of the new year..
I wish you much happiness and good health for your new year..

Sherry said...

Lynn, I love your thoughts on January...very peaceful and restorative.

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy, Loving and Inspiring New Year!!

Tracy said...

A beautiful post & very inspiring! :)

JuliaRose said...

Thank you for your lovely posts, I really enjoy both your words and your exquisite embroidery work...
You have inspired me to keep on trying to find the special work that I can do that makes me feel I could reach my full potential...
Happy New Year,

Twinkle Pink said...

Happy New Year Lynn!!

I totally agree with all that - to me January is a dead month - and as Scarlett O Hara once said and I always follow good advice - I'll think about that another day -

but in the meantime I will make sure my fire is burning and hot cups of tea are on hand, and if I didn't have to step out that front door all Janurary it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. ..... now where's the catalogue. :))

best wishes Ginny

Liz said...

I so relate to `your' January -I think after the frenzy of Christmas, we need to have time to reflect and plan ahead.
I too make lists of projects -there is so much I want to do.
Hugs from N.Z.

HildeS. said...

Happy new year to you and your family:)

Gigibird said...

New Year Happiness to you and your family Lynn.
I agree with you in loving January.
I'm so pleased you started blogging and are enjpying it so much; I'm sure 2008 will be a good one for you:)

Two Crofters said...

i adore January
it fills me with a sense of calm and peace after all the fuss of Christmas.
like you i avoid shops and crowds and enjoy time to find my self again, to adjust to the start of another year, to improve my craft and above all else to just be me.....
blessings to you x
tracy x

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Lynn, what a beautiful blog you have! Such an eloquant way of putting things right into perspective. Heather

My little footprints said...

Dear Lynn.
I want to thank you for your wonderful writing, your words are lovely!
Its good to have some peacefull time on our own. I bought my house just for that peacefull place it is. I live in the forest, i have just 2 house around me, and i cant almost not see the houses. Its perfect! The forest, the birds, everything that makes a wonderfull peace in my heart. We live a life with many things to do every day, and i love to come home and just feel how nice it is when its peacefull. i wish you all the best for 2008, i am glad i found your blog, and i am looking forward to getting to know you better in 2008!
Love from Beth

Henna said...

*warming up the sauna for you, wrapping warm blankets around you meanwhile getting a hot cop of tea and hope that you feel confortable enough my friend* :-)
I feel just fine, taking it easy and doing things in a slow speed. We have little snow now, Marko has just been ordered to go and play with the snowploughs *he likes*
I still have a few days left off from work, starting again at monday.
I´ve started to clean up the house and putting the christmas into boxes until next time.´s premie´re on my blogspot today..I will try to post in english too :-)
I will keep my thumbs up and wish you good luck and may you do fine finds on Saturday! And may your cold abandon you soonest possible!

Happy thoughts and have the best of days!

Hugs from me to you!

karen said...

Hi stranger. Thanks for your comment on the blog but I won't publish never know who is reading it. I will e-mail you soon with a general idea on what I'm up to. I am soooooooooooo jealous of all the comments you get, wow! Your work is also looking BEAUTIFUL. Take care xxx

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful blog!
Sandra Evertson

Ottilias Veranda said...

What a lovely way to think about January! I too love to read catalogues especially about gardening and seeds and often end up ordering and buying too many seeds! It runs in the family I guess. My mother and brother are addicted to gardening!

Sanctuary said...

I've passed on to you a You Make my Day -award at my blog :) Thank you for the daily inspiration, beautiful words and images and encouragement that you bring!