Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Well! this was a super suprise, from Ottilias Veranda although coming up with seven random facts about me....mmm how much do I reveal? ok here goes.......
  1. I don't have a television.
  2. I simply adore hens, and would if I could own flocks of these divine creatures.
  3. I am a spiritual gypsy, I so love the sacred, wherever it is found, spirituality can be so beautiful.
  4. I cannot have enough books, and I can read anywhere at anytime.

  5. People frighten me, the more there are the more frightened I become.

  6. January is my most favorite month.

  7. Anglesea is my hearts home

Now in return I would like to nominate the following, inspiring and wonderful people, who have changed my world for the better, and bring smiles to me everytime I visit them .Though this was the hardest , because I love all of the Bloggs I visit, and I am inspired by so many of you, and love your visits, and look forward to all of your comments, you have all changed my world with your beautiful posts and writings from the heart

A Home From the Heart Marja

Sanctuary City Girl

My Country Rose Garden Regina
Home Keeping Hearts Katie
Hennas Anne

My little footprints Beth

Gigibird Lynn


My little footprints said...

Oh, that was a very nice suprise :) Thank you so much! I am going to write some facts about my self, and this time i will write in english too so tou can see what my facts are. I have thought about begin to write in english on my blog, then it is more people who can read what i am doing. Maiby my writing in english will be better if i write a lot :) Or i have to by myself a wordbook..
Wish you a good evening.
Hugs from Beth

Henna said...

Surprise it is indeed...thank you for thinking of me :-)
I`ll try my best with this task..soon as possible.
I´ve also been thinking of adding english in my blog, maybe after new time seems to have wings.
Hope you are feeling fine and I wish you a lovely Lucia-day tomorrow, I´m not sure if you celebrate it over there?

Hugs to you my friend!

My little footprints said...

Hi again :)
You can now read about the award that i have got from you on my blog! Your so kind :)
Hugs from Beth

Marja Kristiina said...

Oh wow, Lynn!!! I feel honored and somewhat baffled by this unexpected award! But I accept it with a hug and a big, delighted THANK YOU!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Kristina
Meeting kindred spirits through blogging has changed my life too.. wonderful isn't it!?
Congratulations on your award.. well deserved!
It is good to have a door into someone's life... and find out more about each other..
I like people but can't cope with too many of them either!

With love
Michelex P.s Gorgeous creations of yours!

Cowboys & Custard said...

so sorry Lynn
I called you Kristina.. getting my bloggers in a muddle... apologies!

Henna said...

All sweaty, but now it´s done! ;-)
Weird facts about wasn´t the easiest thing to do.
Really tired now, been baking for several hours...I maneged to oversleep this morning and got to work an hour late.

Sweet dreams and enjoyable friday!
Thank you once more for the award, i´m truly honered! :-)


Ragged Roses said...

Hello Lynn congrats on your well deserved award. It was very interesting to read some more facts about you. I've been having great fun reading through some of your earlier posts (your home and your work are beautiful, by the way) and just wanted to say that I agree with you that the shop, Flint, in Lewes is wonderful! My husband works in Lewes and I love shopping there. Take care

Regina said...

Hello Lynn,
today I have read in my blog,that you
have nominated me for a blog award.
It's a wonderful surprise.Thank you
very much.
Hugs Regina

Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi Lynn,
It´s interesting to get to now people better by theese small random facts!
I have a television, but hardly ever watch anything (there are better things to do!)
One of my dream is to have hens in our backyard!


Henna said...

Your cooker is just gorgeous,we could swap?! ;-) Ours is Kockums Kallinge, don´t know how old it is, it´s in a need of a bit renovating though. And it´s a lifesaver when the electricity is out for a longer time, as in last january when there was a storm and the power was out for 23 hours, I managed to cook a meal..yeah :-D
I´ve been baking all day long today, some gingerbread, gingermuffins, cinnamon bunns and bread. The scent in this house is lovely ;-) I´m a bit wornout, now it´s time for well earned relaxation. Of course I will give you the recipe in english, no problem..I just have to translate it properly so you wont get a cementcookie or something like that ;-) but first...we are going to a nearby neighbour to look at a kitten! Until then...have a cozy evening my friend!


Henna said...

White cookies

500 gram butter
500 gram sugar
1 kg flour
1 teaspoon bicarbonate
5 eggs


Blend the butter and the sugar to a soft mixture. Add one egg at the time. Blend the bicarbonate and the flour and the add it with the buttermixture. Let the mixture rest in the fridge or somewhere cold over night, bake it the next day. Oven tempareture 200 degrees.Take the cookies out before they get colour, about 5 minutes.

I hope I´ve translated it right.
Good luck with the baking!

Hugz / Anne

p.s. Here you have a english-swedish dictionary if you have some trouble with a word you want to know ;-)

Liz said...

What a lovely, serene and peaceful Blog you have -I felt rested reading it.
Hugs from N.Z.

vintage twist said...

Congrats on your award. Love hens too, if you ever decide to get some you could rescue some ex battery hens they can be very loving.

Katie said...

Thank you, sweet Lynn!! That is awfully nice of you! I will share it on my blog soon!!!