Sunday, 11 November 2007


Why? This is indeed a good question...asked by my ever patient husband when presented with my latest purchase. As I opened the boot of the car he stood looking at my beaming face full of the pleasure of my latest bargain, and can't bring that! into the house!!
'But it's a Normandy table' it's a fantastic buy £25.00 they were just giving it will look fantastic painted cream'...... not pausing to breath, and feeling a little worried, I looked into my beloved's face, with hope in my heart....go on (pleading look) ....please...(silly smile) it's a brilliant project!!!
It only took 8 days to assemble ( pause) it only took two packets of Caustic soda to clean it (bigger pause) and so far it has only taken me two week ends to paint it( not finished yet ,bigger pause) h'mmm.
I know I'm doing up the kitchen window( which is looking good), and I am also making Yule gifts, and I work full time, but come on, every girl needs a project to get her teeth into......doesn't she? Why don't husbands understand these huh!


Katie said...

Oh I do love it & can't wait to see how you've fixed it up - I know what you mean about husband's not understanding us hauling home junk...but my favorite piece in my home is something that he himself hauled home from the Forestry Office that he worked in during college...he thought I'd love the peeling paint and chipped edges, and I DO! He didn't understand, but he knew I'd love it...Hooray!!

By the way, I love the new banner - so sweet & meaningful.

Henna said...

Wow! It looks really exciting!! I like what I´s kind off weird that men don´t always see things the way we do..but we allready know they´re from another planet ;-)
Your new banner is a beauty too!
Ah..and what a lovely couple I see on my right side! :-)
I´ve been to a couple of fleamarkets today..and totally lost the track of time...for a..hmm..some couple of hours or precisely 4 to be honest :-)
Wishing you continuous luck with the painting and have a inspireing week!

Hugs / Anne

EVA AGNES said...

That looks absolutely marvelous. tell your husband that I would have bought it too.
Even if I didn't know emmediately what to do with it.
Good work, lady.
Your husband will agree as soon as he sees what you made out of it.
Eva Agnes

Marja Kristiina said...

I agree with Eva Agnes. He'll be very surprised and impressed once it's all fixed up. Most men don't have the ability to picture an object in any other shape or color than what it is at the very moment. It was a true bargain and you deserve to be happy about it! I think he was mainly worried about you, though :-) Please make sure that you don't get overly exhausted!


My little footprints said...

I have to smile a little bit. I know what you mean. - You cant bring that into the house! I dont know how many times i have heard that from my husband :) But I say that to him very often too..
Hugs Beth

The Feathered Nest said...

I can see it finished in cream myself ~ good eye!!! You have to have that vision to see things the way the WILL be, when you add your touch to them. How wonderful for the piece of furniture too, to have a second life of being loved and appreciated ~ what a way to recycle!! xxoo, Dawn

Tracy said...

men have no vision!
i cannot wait to see it finished and looking perfect x

tracy x

Twinkle Pink said...

I look forward to seeing the finished table and I am sure you will be looking forward to showing it off to hubby.

My Hubby always says there is no room left for my junk ..... JUNK!

Some men don't know their born:))

Best wishes Ginny

Marja Kristiina said...

Will respond here :-) I know I shouldn't reveal this but just so you can breathe again; one of the cards I made is for you, to be included in the swap. Won't tell which one, though! And of course you're on my Christmas card list which is another matter entirely :-)

Cowboys & Custard said...

I think you have yourself a very fine table there..
The thing about men (well my man) is they just don't get excited by material things.. whenever I am swooning over some vintage find my man will say.."Baubles.. won't make you happy". How little does he know! Please post photo of table in all it's glory when finished.

Gigibird said...

I can see it in French Grey myself:)
What a wonderful piece of wood!
You have us all waiting with bated breath

Henna said...

Oh it´s I who shall thank thee! I´m pleased if I can inspire oh just so little, makes my heart smile :-)
It´s so much fun exploring in places where they´ve got lots of things from the past, things worn by people from ancient piece of paper with lots of information from the past and so on..
The first snowflakes are floating in the air :-) ..and it´s a bit freezing outside but I dont mind, getting a serious feeling of christmas spirit!
A good nights sleep to you and have a glorius day tomorrow!


Sea Angels said...

Hello, thankyou sooo much for all your support, it is really appreciated (big smiles, happy face). I am on with the chairs now, I may paint them slightly different shades of grey/white I'm not sure, but they should be ready to unveil next week, gosh I am sooo excited.

The Devil Makes Work said...

What a bargain, can't wait to see it finished. Loving the moss as well :-)

vintage twist said...

Those table legs look seriously lovely, I think it's a great project and is going to be fantastic.

Henna said...

Hi! Do you have any suggestions what I can do with the laces? I did sew one fabricbag and put a glasstin inside, lit a candle and it looks so cozy..think I´m going to do a couple more of them.
Are you all covered in paint now? ;-)

Hugz to you...

Miss Maddie's said...

It is a labour of love and will be fantastic when finished.
As for the men understanding, they just don't get it,but I always found(and trust me I've been at it awhile) that if you bring a little trinket for him it softens the scowl.

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