Sunday, 18 November 2007

Nice day out..........

This is my small effort, compared to the florist below! Each year I try to beat nature and grow Paper White narcissus( they normally flower in October) for Yule, (thats our wedding anniversery) because I so love the fragrance mixed with Frankincense, wafting through the house, together with some quietly sung Celtic Motets and Carols, the resulting atmosphere is heady, but beautiful. I think I have done it this year (big smile) they are just peeping above the soil, so I will keep them nice and cool in the shadiest part of the garden and keep my fingers crossed.
The table is coming on really well .....honest!!

I bought these anemones, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus buds from this super florist, I got them home, and popped them in a glass vase on my shelf, I really like the frosty look of the leaves and buds, they go really well with my zinc candle thing and silver bits, they were wrapped really nice in brown paper with raffia, it was a really super treat.

There is this divine florist at Hebden Bridge, I just adore even being near her shop, she really inspires me to try harder. Outside the shop she had on display Christmas roses(hellebore) planted up with ivy and rosmary, and trailing herbs, in a bed of moss in huge zinc buckets, inside well.........just look at the photo's.


Marja Kristiina said...

Flowers are so special, there really are no words for it. The beauty, the colors, the forms, the textures, the scents... and a myriad of them. I think they speak to our very unconscious, touch something inside us that we don't even have a name for.

And they certainly add an immensely festive touch! You are doing an excellent job with the Narcissus bulbs, thumbs up! It makes me quite sad that I'm so allergic that I can't even think about having fragrant flowers in the house. I would love for some hyacinths but they're out of the question :-(

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon, my dear friend!

Gigibird said...

Love your collection of bulbs....your moss is certainly coming in useful:)
It's great when there is a shop with so much inspiration near by.
I am hopeless with flowers but I am gradually improving....

Henna said...

Good morning Lynn!
Oh what pretty items you show us, it is a continueos pleasure to come to see what you are up to :-)
Thank you for your inspiration and ideas! You are a creative woman!
How I wish I had a printer but I don´t :-/ maybe I will write a letter to Joulupukki in Finland (Santa Claus) and wish for one ;-)

Have an inspirational day!

Hugz / Anne

En Doft Av Danmark said...

I just love your pictures!!!
Hugs from me

Saint-Ange said...

I love all what I see today on your blog
friendly of Provence

Lilla Blanka said...

Thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog..! I like your blog too, it´s very cosy and have a nice atmoshpere :) I think u did very well with the floral things on the table. I like it!
Hugs, Mia

Jenny said...

Dear Lynn!
Your blog and the items you show us are absolutely lovely!
Jenny xx

Henna said...

I´m just as bad as you are...peeking at all the windows that are like paintings with different items..;-) I´ve been in the woods looking for moss, but left it creative side seems to be on vacation?

Joyful tuesday to you dear friend!

hugs / A.

Kelly Fillion said...

Love the moss pots, they so so beautiful in that little vingette of yours.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Lynn,
I have just discovered your gorgeous blog and added you to my links - I then headed back to my blog to see that you had visited me at the same time!! Wow!

That flourist shop looks divine - I can see why you love it - such a beautiful photograph too!


Cowboys & Custard said...

I love the simplicity of your displays.
Less is more! Just beautiful..

moderncountry said...

Oh, i really love how you decorated your chestdrawer. It looks very Scandinavian looking like that :) A few days ago i bought a few white hyacinths and they already are starting to blossom. No wonder in my warm livingroom. I really love the smell of them and white ones are my favourites.
It is great to use moss don`t you think? I just used it for another decortation. I will show it in my blog later on..
Take care! Aina

Ulla said...

I love this blog as much as your other! Bravo!

Jessan said...

Thanks for your words....
I travel to Stockholm and the christmas market DECEMBER 16...Im counting time....I promise that I`ll take pictures! I just hope the snow
comes ....
Nice photos you show....

Miss Maddie's said...

Love the flowers. That mirror caught my eye too!Can't wait to see the table standing in a place of honor after all the hard work is done.

Katherines Dream said...

What a lovely idea, you are so creative.
I am just ready to go and try something like your display myself.

Henna said...

Stopping by for a short visit..I want to wish You a enjoyable nice weekend!
Today it´s not the best of days, I´ve managed to catch a really bad headache. Hopefully I´m in a better shape 2morrow..I feel like going to a fleamarket again ;-)

Take care and smell the flowers once and a while :-)