Sunday, 4 November 2007

Making the most of moss........

In my lunch times I crave the open air and the peace and tranquility of water...near by is a Victorian Cemetery and lots of open land all tumbly beside a river, my escape!
I have discovered some old deserted buldings at the back of this land covered in mossy attributes, thick, damp and lush, I creep around gathering all my booty into plastic carrier bags, emerging from the cemetery like some nature obsessed bag lady, covered in grass stains, mud, and small twiglets, oh and cake crumbs(lunch), my hoard is enough to give me strange satisfied secret smiles all day....the students find this alarming... and tend to leave me well alone during these gathering times, (extra benefits Ha!)
Well it was Marja from 'Home from the heart' who suggested crowns to me well! huh! they are so hard to make honest............I need help now, has anyone got any ideas? That includes you too Marja!! oh and Jane can you help your flowers are simply divine?
Anyhow these are my efforts.............. I do rather like them even though they are a little( a lot) strange.
Hoping you all have a really super week xxx


Miss Maddie's said...

Ahhh fit for the Queen of the Secret Garden. I can hear her giggling just beyond that gate. Simply divine!

Henna said...

*giggeling*...i suggest you paint all your problem furniture in different shades of green ;-) ...but seriously..I am the winner of the colour of green!..your blog is truly fabulous! I just love it!...anyway it´s more fun helping each scrape and paint..I just sit and watch! ;-)
Charming mosswork you´ve done :-)...the door looks inviting..wonder what´s behind it?!
Have a smooth start of the new week...


Gigibird said...

being a practical sort I throughly approve of moss hearts - for an outside decoration.
Did you use florist wire?
I feel I need to have one on my side gate.....

French Knots said...

Ooh I love the mossy heart and also the picture of you returning from your lunch break with bits of twig and moss stuck to your clothes...what must they think you get up to!

Marja Kristiina said...

Yes, what do they think you've been up to? :-)

I have to say that I think you did a wonderful job with the crowns! They look like little pieces of art.

I'm going to have to get cracking with mine now, too. Will keep you posted!

Marja Kristiina said...

Rock and roll! I managed to make some crowns myself and it was FUN (minus the spiders in the moss...)!

Ain't life sweet? :-)

Marja Kristiina said...

You and your cemetery, me and my close-to-home woods. We're like a couple of over-aged Nancy Drews, respectively, poking and prodding around ;-). Can you picture us in trench coats, holding flash lights and briefcases? I SO can! :-D

EVA AGNES said...

Lovely things you have made of moss. I like them very much.
Thanks for your nice words about my dog.
Love and hugs
Eva Agnes

moderncountry said...

Oh, beautiful creations!! And what a lovely door!


En Doft Av Danmark said...

Hello Lynn!
I just love your mossy heart... Wonderful!!!

Regina said...

The mossy heart is perfect for this
loveley door,but I love your mossy-
Have a nice day Regina

Henna said...

Ah sounds a fairytale! I think it´s going to be just perfect!...hoping that I`m not pressuring you too much ;-)
I´m glad it´s friday 2morrow..there´s so much I need to do, on saturday we´re going to celebrate my "kids" firstborn son is turning 17 today and his littlebrother 14 on as you can imagine my hands are full this week..maybe you could help me with the cake?? ;-D

Good luck with your creations and have a cozy day!

hugs / Anne

Jessan said...

So beatyful things...Just love the crown! Have a nice weekend....

Jessan said...

Hi again!
Thanks for visiting!
The picture on my banner is from
" old town" in Stockholm, and its christmas market. I will go there 14 th of December for the first time. it looks beatyful, doesn´t it?