Thursday, 1 November 2007

I have been busy.....

Happy New Celtic Year, xxxxxxx
I have been busy making things, let me tell you what I have been doing..... the shoes are made of organza and felt, and machine embroidered, then cut out. They are have little vintage buttons, and the toe's of the shoes are filled with lavender and lemon verbena
I drew the little bird from a picture and put it onto a silk screen so I can print them now onto any fabric, so I have printed this one onto vintage French Hemp and stuffed it with herbs, rose petals, and lavender, oh and I added a little golden crown because he is a Wren the 'King of birds'.
Then I wrapped my hand made soaps (scented with patchouli and geranium) in tracing paper, adding a crown , and a wax seal. Finally I have taken to painting my old cheese boxes and filling them with treasures like ribbons and buttons, small gifts.
I hope you are all well, and content, and enjoying this strange weather we are having.
Hugs Lynn xx


Marja Kristiina said...

Oh Lynn, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! You really have a gift - vision as well as the ability to carry it out. The bird and the crown box are absolutely fantastic.

I'm a little envious of your wonderful swaps ;-). I haven't had the pleasure of exchanging gifts with anyone yet. Maybe eventually!

Take care!

English Vintage said...

Hi, lovely as per usual, you are a great source of inspiration, especially at the moment, in a world that i am not terribly enamored with at present, way too much destruction and devastation for my liking, the blogs i visit on a regular basis make for much soothing reading, yours included keep up the good and light Stephne X

French Knots said...

Your work is charming, beautiful. The attention to detail makes them so special, the little golden crown on the wren, the seal on the soap.

Lee W. said...

goodness- I love your things. You have a wonderful sense of whimsy!

Regina said...

Your work is very,very beautiful with
many loveley details.I love it.
Have a nice weekend Regina

Kelly Fillion said...

I wish I was on your Yule List! Nice work, I just love the colours of the papers and the birds are pretty too. Such talent.