Monday, 22 October 2007

Cabbages & Roses

Cabbages & Roses have the most super new web page. I ordered for free their new cataloge and look what came, a huge pack of large, beautifully photographed, oversized postcards, showing all their super new clothes and homewares, real eye candy.
I shall indulge in some serious drooling, have some chocolate, and a cup of tea, and dream........


Henna said...

Dear Lynn...your words are heartmelting, you are so kind and I appreciate it so much! Lovely postcards..pretty things they´ve got.
Woke up this morning just to see that the landscape outside my window was frosty like full of expectation of the christmasfeeling that´s beginning to be in the air..
I´m now ready with the painting, finally..except for the feet. I wish I will find a chair thats suitable..after that the "tablefeet" are going to be changed or something..

Inspireing day to you!


Kelly Fillion said...

I love Cabbages & Roses, Christina Strutt has the most wonderful style...did you see her home in Romantic Homes Mag? I will check out the site. Do they have a store near you?

Twinkle Pink said...

I've just ordered the catalogue. I went to the shop last year, it's great just to see all the stuff in the flesh so to speak. I love the fabrics and oilcloth, the tissue paper, clothes ooh the list is endless. Love it!

best wishes Ginny

Gigibird said...

I be drooling at your lovely carpet:)

Matroskin said...

Your blog is so cute!

Jane said...

Is all of Cabbages and Roses part of Jigsaw now or is it just the clothes?
These jumbo postcards are cropping up a lot now and I think they are very effective. I would love to copy the idea but it is very expensive to get enough postcards to look generous.The first example I saw was the trade catalogue for Grand Illusions (one of C&R's suppliers by the looks of it) and I got a beautiful set from the garden designer Arne Maynard who is now running courses.
Christina Strutt's vintage craft books are very good - simple, easily made designs that rely on colour sense and fabric choice rather than fancy sewing or expensive trims.

Handplockat said...

Totally Love your Work And Blogg

hugs from north of sweden

Marja Kristiina said...

Exquisite cards - enjoy!

"It sifts from leaden sieves,
It powders all the wood,
It fills with alabaster wool
The wrinkles of the road."

(from the poem The Snow by Emily Dickinson)

Katie said...

how much fun! I'll have to check them out myself - I remember that when you would order a Melissa Neufeld catalog, you would even get large samples of some of the papers - boy that was fun. I wish I had more money to be able to produce catalogs with big postcard pictures and samples like that - for free no less!! Thanks for sharing something fun.

Beth said...

You have a lovely blog!
Hugs from Beth

vintage twist said...

Brilliant marketing!

karen said...

Hi Lynn!!! Stranger!! Glad you like my blog, yours is GORGEOUS!! Just started mine, feeling my feet a bit. Keep in touch, e-mail me, ring me,xxx

Miss Maddie's said...

Lynn, I'm sure you'll put those goodies to some use!
This being my second visit I must tell you that sweet little miss holding the shell in your banner is adorable.
She certainly is a sea angel but I bet there's mermaid in her on her mother's side.TeHe! Susan

Mia said...

Seems to have beautiful stuff! And what a wonderful idea of postcards, amazing! hug, Mia

Beth said...

Halo again..
The little baby on my picture is not my baby, but my sisters baby. She is one week years old today, and i love her so much. I was there when she was born, and that was a fantastic experiens!
I am glad you like my bathroom, i am so looking forward to the day it`s finished! I am going to show meny pictures of my house, theres a lot to do! You are welcome to see my blog anytime, and see who its going on with my house day by day!
Hug from Beth
(Ps: sorry if my english is bad, its long time since i wrote in english now :))

Henna said...

Go for it girl! I think you really should try it with a bigger piece..This was the first time..sorry..not the first but the one furniture that I am going to use in everyday life..that I´ve painted and done a bit shabbylooking. It´s hard for me to believe that the result became this good..I almost gave up and thought a couple of times..what the heck have I done ;-)..I´ve got an 80´s "corner"cupboard in the garage that I´ve painted over a year ago but still haven´t placed nowhere..mostly for the simply reason that our house is not that big and there ain´t enough free cornerspaces..I prefer the older stuff :-) I will keep my thumbs up that you´ll find something you really like and make the most of it!
Have yourself a superd friday!


Saint-Ange said...

your blog is a beautiful walk for me !!!
(sorry for my english)
friendly of an angel of Provence

Elisa Day said...

Thanks for the visit! I just love your blogs I visit them often and get a lot of inspiration. You are so talented and make so beautiful things

Katherines Dream said...

I dreamin' with you.
I have the new card style cataloge too.
Have you been to the shop? Heaven!