Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Vintage Treasures

I want so much to recommend this wonderful book by Jane Cassini and Ann Brownfield, it is so inspirational and was tucked in my Christmas stocking last year, I just can't stop dipping into it.

Do you have any fab books that you could recommend, it would be nice to look at your choices too. xx


Cathy Louise said...

I also have this book and it is definitely one of my all time favourite books... Thanks for dropping by my blog... Take care Cathy

En Doft Av Danmark said...

Ooohhh what a wonderfull book....lots off inspiration. Thanks Lynn!
Hugs from me

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Lynn well a book called 'Where women create' (from Amazon)is a beautiful and inspiring book -really places that dreams are made of - I keep trying - I think I have to move my hubby out the office first:)

Living with Lace by Bo Niles - for utter drool quality.

I've just ordered Vintage Treasures -It looks gorgeous!
I'll let you know what I think :))))))))

I'd like to get me hands on a book called 'French Atmosphere' (a Danish or Norwegian book ??) But can't locate it on Amazon - I'll just have to drool over it on blog.

best wishes Ginny

Miia said...

I read your blog from beginning to end. You have such an inspiring home! Thanks for visiting my blog.

English Vintage said...

Why thank you, yes i did, i knit like a child it is quite comical to watch, it is supposed to be a poppy! well of sorts, i have got a bit of a thing for corsages i have been making them for what seemes like forever, i used to make them to decorate furniture i would hang them from keys and door knobs, them i started sewing them onto lavender sacks then pillows and now bags, it's all good fun and keeps me off the streets! S X

Henna said...

Hello to you too :-)
The picture of the autumnleaves is not mine, I found it on the internet somewhere...don´t know who the photographer is, but it is a beautiful picture I agree. The rest of the photos are my own, I´m just an amateur photograf..mostly I take a snapshot with my mobilephone or the digitalcamera..I find great pleasure looking at beautiful inspirational pictures and You seem to have loads of them :-)

The Devil Makes Work said...

Love the colours on those cushions - fab!! I would recommend Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter - very good projects. By the way - I want the pom-pom hat too!! Happy 21st ;-).