Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sticky fingers...........

Stop car boots.... I'm making jam.....I can't stop, it feels so comforting, and now my family are starting to worry as the piles of jars are getting bigger. They look like jewels on my store room shelf and I just want more... I'm making apple butter next, and quince jelly soon, have you got any favorite recipes you can pass on....please xxxx


Gigibird said...

Stella and I are planning to ram raid your house and run off with all your jam and Liberty fabric!!
Apple that similar to lemon curd? Don't you add butter?
Have I told you about my collection of old cookery books?
I have not made peserves as I have no storage except for my garage, and that gets very warm...I love the way to have stored your pears on the window :)

Tracy said...

yum - i will be round with stella and lynn!
or if that fails can i just inhale deeply through an open window!
tracy x