Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Holidays are so uplifting.........

This is the most lovely shop I have had the pleasure to be in.... it is called Flint and is to be found in Lewes, there are two Flints, one sells clothes and this sells the most wonderful homewares. The colours in the shop reflect the Southdowns, softest chalks, french greys, silver twinkles, like light catching the turquoise waves. Modern yet vintage, shabby but chic, so peaceful and calm, yet vibrant, in corners were great buckets of coloured hydrangeas, and baskets of squashes and pumpkins, I am so inspired.
I have just come back from the most wonderful holiday with my family. We have travelled from Bath to Southampton and onto Lewis and Brighton. Whilst we were having fun and scooting around I have been looking for inspiration for my christmas presents, labels and cards and as you can see the wonderful churches that we have visited will provide it. I will print these images out onto fabric and make some really nice cushion's and herb pillows for the sofas and labels for my parcels...........scrummy


Gigibird said...

Lewis has more than its fair share of yummy shops....Flint looks lovely.
I'm am pleased you had a good time and have returned home full of inspiration to shart Christmas present making:)

Twinkle Pink said...

Oh the christmas presents sound just my sort of thing. Did you get to see the gorgeous cake shop in Brighton that I blogged about:)

best wishes Ginny