Wednesday, 22 August 2007

We are all so lucky

I was thinking today how wonderful and supportive all you bloggers out there are being. I have only been blogging for a few weeks, yet, I have received such kind comments and lots of visitors to Sea Angels.
Since leaving university last year I have missed being with my friends a great deal. We all supported each others work throughout our textile course and we had fun at the same time, we got stressed and cried, but we got the work done and then we graduated..... but now we have all split up, we are still in touch but not every day so it has been a quiet and strange year up till now........but now I have started my blog, and all of you great bloggers have started to introduce yourselves things are looking so much brighter..... so here is a big thankyou to all you creative lovley generous bloggers, thankyou for being out there, and being so positive and kind with each other, you know things don't seem quite as lonely any more xxx

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Gigibird said...

I'm sure you will become a very popular blooger!