Tuesday, 31 July 2007


On Lammas eve, the Goddess weeps for the loss of the God who is cut down with the corn, releasing his energy and power once more into the land;
I am the Lady of both light and dark:
My glory floods the land with colour
And my heart glows with love fulfilled.
I am both gatherer and sower:
My passing brings all things to fruition,
And seed pours forth at my caress.
My smile is gentle yet my hands are wet with tears:
My shadow flies before me like an owl,
Dark herald of the darker days to come.
Singing and weeping I walk towards the West.
I am the Lady of both light and dark,
And I call all men to meet their destiny.


marie said...

Hi there! I don´t understand what you mean about a special festival. The picture you saw on my blog was just a corner in my guestroom.

Sea Angels said...

Well, I thought it was really stunning, and that you had maybe made it for something special like Midsummer....how lucky your guests, are it is very scrummy xxx