Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Where is the magic hiding

I know I've not written a post like forever!! fair enough but I am back and asking questions.....though I am not sure there is an answer, but where has the magic gone?? or rather where has the belief gone?

 Do you still catch falling leaves and make wishes...if not why not?
We all light candles, when you light them, do you still remember this is a magical act of homemaking of welcome and of remembrance........
Are you truly grateful for all the magical things that happen, the wonderful find in a charity shop..the car that just misses you when your distracted, the way the sun shines through the rain, say thank you, and really mean it, truly mean it and more magic will come.

Try visualisation try imagining things how you want them to be, if it helps make a mood board, stick your favourite pictures to it , look at it every day imagine those things into your life... they will come try it and see.

Hugs Lynn xxx

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Who are we ?


 I went to the wonderful Selvedge Fair yesterday, yes it was amazing and yes I had a lovely time......the best thing though was the beautiful and creative clothes that people wear. I make no judgement only observations.

                                                         From the Sartorialist

Without always realising we are so defined by our style...this does not come down to quality or cost, size or gender  but who we are, the hidden bits, no matter what, it bubbles to the surface with our choice of garment, the colours we wear  hairstyle, jewellery, or even the lack of it. Our loves stand out......the creative, the artist, the mum, and so many more.

 More so than any other creature we have a choice, all be it we are still bound by who we are and have the confines of what we feel comfortable in. So my question is ' do we have a choice!!!'


Yes we do and its ours. Its is our creation it is who we are, and its beautiful. xxxxxx

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Mid Winter Searching

I always love this time of year, the very stillness of it rests inside my soul.
 A light in the darkness.
A time of peace to be still and to dream.
 Do I doubt the year that has passed? Some-things maybe but they cannot be changed only rested or resolved. In the darkness of my night I resolve to carry no demons forward, I never have, but all must be considered before Imbolc, before the new growth begins, before the pure dance of a new beginnings casts its velvety cloak around my shoulders. Before I move forward once more into the light xx
Peace and dreaming to you xxxxx too.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Long shadows on the edgelands

I live on those edgelands, passing from brick to wood from drains to rivers.
I wonder if the wind recognises the empty spaces where the leaves fell yesterday, or if the rain prefers to fall softly onto a field or a hard stone pavement that could be a sheet of granite... where do I search for the faces of my Gods... in the misty forest at twilight... or a solstice gathering at home.
Country or town our houses are no more than sophisticated and heated caves, our skyscrapers no more than soaring cliffs to birds.
Beauty is everywhere

Have a lovely week-end
Lynn xxx

Friday, 16 October 2015

For Beverley xxxx

The shorter days of Autumn have been wistful and gentle in the North West
lulled in on cool breezes and warm lazy sunshine, I've even car booted later in the year than usual. 

I have repainted the kitchen in darker colours


                              Done some more painting this is a painting of an old button card

Developed some new bags

Spent time with the Goddess trail running, and herb gathering
such joy.

I'm sorry I don't post much any-more, I have no excuse, except I probably spend far to much time outside, kicking up leaves.. or trying to catch them as they fall. Looking for mushrooms and berries and getting dirty..but I just wanted to say hello and give a wave and thank you so much for dropping by.
Blessed Be
Lynn xx

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lammas and the strength of women...

 Everything at the moment is lush and fruiting, the fragrance that rises from the damp warm earth is heady and powerful, this time of the year is about fullness and fulfilment as the harvest and crops are gathered. 

In a few days it is Lammas the corn is cut , the God is represented in the grain, the Goddess cuts the corn she sacrifices him and returns his goodness to the Earth. This is a huge sacrifice, Lammas shows us whispers of immortality. of rebirth, life and growth.
 We are daughters of the goddess, yes us women, we are strong and we make sacrifices all through our lives, this is a time to remember that and celebrate it.

Make a corn dolly or Grain mother weave her from stalks growing at the edges of fields be creative
decorate her with ribbons, give thanks for the gifts of the harvest. You can talk to her, tell her of your regrets, of the things you din't achieve this year, of disappointments keep her till spring when you can bury her and return her to the earth where she came from.
Make bread, if you can include something you have gathered or grow yourself,  then
share this with your family to celebrate the harvest to be part of this sacred time and to feel the joy of nature.
Hugs and have a special Lammas

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Musings ............ Books and Sea priestess rituals

  The Nature of Air and Water...............

A wonderful novel by Regina Mcbride

'so begins The Nature of Water and Air set on a patch of Irish coast  where amid the flurry of whispers, amongst the mystery and the beauty lays an intense tale of love and sorrow with myth and magic secrets and darkness.
I recommend this book and all of Regina McBride books for their poetry and soul..they have such a mystery that is not found in today s world. They have dark secrets that hurt, but they have a language and love that speaks not only of love but of Mothers and daughters twined in the endless dance of the soul.

(part of a Sea - Priestess Ritual)            

                                  Calling out to the Goddess 

Initiated and celebrated on a quiet beach at low tide, where our names are written as offerings in the low shore.

By the twilights of time I call thee

From the tide wrecked depths I urge you come

On running wave from the sea gates of the Lost City, I call thy name,

By the reef flow, in silver blood let your Moon tide draw our names from the sand,

To write us upon the Unmanafest, unformed

For we are yours and you are upon us and upon the eternal creation that is.

Have a deep soak in epsom salts...walk barefoot on the shore and Pepper dulse and Laver bread,  xxxxx