Sunday, 24 August 2014

Listening to crows

 I walk out of the front door and I need to walk into a forest or field. They are close by calling me but not quite close enough  so time spent in Wharfdale and Grassington  collecting Wild Heather and Blackberry's is deeply satisfying. Listening to the wind and bathing in the late colours of the landscape, gives me a real and honest peace. I can take this feeling like nourishment with me, then into my mind and body, and into our home. The patterns of late summer lodge in my dreams, I crave the shades of deep pink and berry purples, I have that needy feeling to stock my cupboards with home-made jams, the corn has been cut and the stubble is sharp in the fields, the nights are darker, and the crows whisper their secrets in the late afternoon long with shadows.
There it is on the horizon do you see and feel it... a coming of Autumn of swirling mists, of magic, of rituals and thanks.
Walking in Heather

Everywhere is pink and smells so sweet

berrys for jam

some heather at home

a new painting in progress

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

All whites...........

 Inspired by my vintage French wallpapers in shades, of chalky whites and greys with metallic touches I have begun work on a new range of Winter Items in these romantic me to start on Winter as this heatwave is washing over us....ha ha

This is one of my new cushions in milky whites and greys, vintage hemp and printed poetry stuffed and soft perfect for Winter and candlelight evenings

Talking about candles I have been really fortunate to buy some really lovely things this week ( back being MUCH better and wanted to share,
One is my new French walnut table totally in a dilapidated state, but needed a good home, and a very very shabby pair of Toile ware candle holders, all flaky paint and just what I like. I have popped the table next to our  bed, I haven't a clue  where I shall put the candle holders... 

                                                           Happy sunshine days
                                                              Hugs Lynn xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ballet Shoes.. for sale sorry all sold x

If anyone is looking for some gorgeous ballet shoes for their art work or shabby dreamy decoration
I have some assorted pairs for sale in my Etsy Shop.
They are the most lovely colours.
Hugs Lynn xxx

Monday, 7 July 2014

A flash of Turquoise

I would love to capture how amazing it is to see a Barn owl fly out into the violet haze of early morning, or the flash of iridescent turquoise lining a Kingfishers wings as he skims the water.

 How having a bad back has made me more observant and patient how this pain has become a gift... an insight...  a lesson of life. How its very need for measured movement  has changed my days.

I can share with you my painting, and my French wallpaper decoupage suitcase that I have been covering.

 I have within these warm slow painful days become insightful, sagacious or maybe I just dream of these states of mind?

Here are some of my watercolour paintings from my June work book and projects  xxxx

Village Fairs

My suitcase

The Handle still to cover


Bands of vintage patchwork

Afternoon Tea

Hugs Lynn xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pretty finds for Tuesday xx

Some faded curtains

rather pretty pyrex

a lovely Gypsy Girl (sorry she is sold and has a new home xx}

Isn't funny how we find and even buy things in colour story's, within minutes  I had bought the pyrex dishes in mustard and turquoise just after buying this 1950's Gypsy Girl Picture, I love her but will probably sell her in my Etsy shop, I quite fancy selling the occasional pretty vintage item I come across. 
I shan't be selling my lovely vintage faded curtains though not yet anyway xxx.

Hope you are having a few sunny days they make such a difference don't they

Hugs Lynn xxx 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Village Fairs..

I love Agriculture Fairs, and I went to a lovely one a few weeks ago, my friend Vicky kindly gave us some tickets and we had a lovely time the stalls inspired me to paint and capture some of the lovely things I saw there, I love the whole concept of Fifty's Britain, jams and bunting summer picnics days in summer meadows..

I used my French paper on canvas boards for the backgrounds

                                                           New paintings waiting to go in  my Etsy Shop

I loved all the haberdashery stalls Sorry SOLD

everywhere was pretty and dressed in a vintage way it was lovely

The cakes stall was amazing...we ate too much

My back is improving thank you so much for all of my get well cards and kind wishes xx
Hugs Lynn xxxxx

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hospitals buttons and rest............

I am so sorry for not replying to many of your lovely comments, but I have been in hospital with my back and I spent all last week trying to crawl around the carpet to find a comfortable place to cry...anyway that is boring..the drugs are working and I am hobbling around and fit enough to say sorry xxxx

I have been going out of my mind  and needed a distraction so I thought I would play with my new old wallpaper so I have frugally started to paint on it, I had painted some buttons  as an experiment to pass some time and then thought... they would look nice on a pretty background so I painted some plain laundry buttons onto one of my vintage wallpaper boards. I think it works and its a wonderful distraction for the moment

The roses are out of the garden don't they smell divine
Hugs Lynn xxx

                      Wallpaper and Button Sold xxxx